Selected Craft


In Progress: Craft + Change
In Progress: Emancipatory Narrative Design
In Progress: Cross-Media Design

The Writers’ Guide to Making a Digital Living: Co-written ebook commissioned by the Austrialian Literature Board


Transmedia Practice: PhD on situating the difference in understanding and making multi-artform projects

Book Chapters

Transmedia and Adaptation: Revisiting the No-Adaptation Argument: Book capter on the unsubstantiated argument for no adaptation in cross-media design

‘Transmedia as “UnMixed” Media Aesthetics’. Deb Polson, Ann-Marie Cook, JT Velikovsky, Adam Brackin, eds. Transmedia Practice: A Collective Approach Inter-Disciplinary Press.

‘A Quick Primer on Alternate Realities’ in Friedrich von Borries, Steffen P. Walz and Matthias Bottger (Eds), Space Time Play: Synergies between Computer Games, Architecture and Urbansim, Birkhauser: Basel, Boston, Berlin.


‘Transmedial Fictions’. Marie-Laure Ryan and Lori Emerson, Benjamin Robertson, eds. The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media Baltimore: MD, Johns Hopkins University Press.


Transmedia and the Pluriverse: Narrativas seriadas journal article version of the talk

How Creative Processes Are Adapting To Change The World,’ Journal of the Spanish Communication Research Association, 5 (9), 1-9. DOI: 10.24137/raeic.5.9.2.

Finding a Way: DiGRA journal article about techniques to bridge the schism in narrative design with objectives and first-person learning

Emerging Participatory Culture Practices: Convergence journal article on the ways in which what players and fans create are the main experience of creative works for most people

Elements of Interactive Drama: Performance Paradigm journal article on an early web-based drama


Patterns in Cross-Media Interaction Design: Proceedings article on the various elements to consider in the cosmology of cross-media design

Events (organiser)

Telematic Studio: Co-run online interdisciplinary studio to facilitate a co-nurturing parallel development environment

Forward Slash Story: Co-run interdisciplinary international lab where the emphasis is on nurturing the creatives and their communities

Crafting Intangibles: Organised hybrid online/local conference on interactive narrative design with speakers from around the world

ExLab Reflection: Reflection on the Extended Experiences Lab I designed and ran for films at the West End Film Festival

Transmedia Victoria: Commissioned organiser of an international conference and workshops event bringing together film, TV, and games creatives


Right Relations in Creative Practice & Pedagogy: Preparation reading for a co-run online course ‘The Artist as Teacher’

 “Unmastering the Story of Change,” Facilitator, School Revolt!, Anarchist Pedagogies Network, March 5th [remote]

Expanding Our Sense of the Possible with Narrative Design: Talk at Story Hack on how narrative design can encourage positive alternate presents and futures

Platforms for the Distribution and Experiencing of Digital Works: Talk for the Australia Council for the Arts

The Secrets to Creating an Indie Game Franchise: Talk at GDC about the design of what I call cross-media promises

Worldbuilding Our World: Talk at Sweden Games Conference on how our creative projects play a role in shaping our reality

The Who, What, When, Where, Why & How of Cross-Media Entertainment: Talk for DIYDays

Should We? Could We? Would We?: Keynote talk at Power to the Pixel, London Film Festival


A Journey to the Narrative Design of Everything, Everywhere, All At Once: Personal review essay with Yen Ooi for the British Science Fiction Association’s journal Vector

A Narrative Designer’s Experience of Amazon’s “The Man in the High Castle” Resistance Radio Campaign: Piece on the design of a branded campaign

Playing the Game of Legacy: Review of Bernie De Koven’s final game gift to the world


Can’t Sell This: Podcast interview on interactive storytelling

Designing for audience transformation: Podcast interview about the limits of the the transformational arc on The Evolving Media Podcast

Conducting Interviews

Christy Dena interviews Eric Zimmerman: Commissioned interviewer for Cordite Literary Review


Playful Testing: Piece about letting testers play with your design

Playing Kandanga: Piece about the design of a commissioned community arts recovery project where I worked with the town of Kandanga archiving their play through generations

Adapting the “Hierarchy of Understanding” to Games: Piece on designing the onboarding experience in games

Design Cross-Section: Peice about a narrative design method to combine multiple narrative and real world structures

Making Mechanics: Piece about the different ways we can design mechanics

Narrative Design Testing: Piece about some of the things I find I continually need to test for in other people’s work and my own

ARG Around the World: My research into alternate reality games and the communities happening around the world in the early days

ARG Design Charts: My research into design charts used in alternate reality games in the early days

New Writing Universe: A chart of all the interactive storytelling terms I found as of 2008