Hello! I’m Christy Dena [pronounced “Deena”] (she/they).

I’m in my late 40s (nearly 50 actually) and run my own studio Universe Creation 101, where I create original projects, consult, freelance, and hire collaborators on a by-project-basis. A year ago I moved back to Boon Wurrung Country in the Kulin Nations, currently also known as Melbourne, Australia, where I now live and make art. “Wurrung” is said with the double “rr”s rolled like a Scottish rolled r. You can here “Boon Wurrung” spoken here, and read some Boon Wurrung words and pronunciations here.

The area I live in is named Euroe Yroke by the traditional owners Yaluki-William, part of the Kulin Nation. The English colonisers came in the 1830s and according to reports it was referred to as the Green Knoll, and then The Village of Fareham (since some of the new residents were from Fareham in Hampshire). Then in 1942, after the Governor of LaTrobe had some champagne at a picnic, he looked out at the large schooner ported there, the Lady of St Kilda (gazette, gazette, gazette), and decided the village would be called St Kilda. That boat was named after the owner’s wife visit to the St Kilda islands off the coast of Scotland.

I’m an award-winning writer-designer-director of interactive and multi-artform projects, event organiser, independent educator, and independent researcher. I like to combine live social experiences with online technology, and traditional forms of screen (film, games) and paper-based objects (tabletop, books). I used to be National Masters Program Coordinator, National Chair of Games, and Department Coordinator of Games; a producer of websites, CD-Roms, digital effects for TVCs; and actor in theatre and TV.

I’m particularly interested in how our creative processes, methods, and techniques can be transformed to move away from complicity. My creative expressions include non-fiction writing and education. Right now I’m writing a book on ReDesigning Narrative Design, developing some new multi-artform projects, consulting on others, and sharing different ways of creating with public talks and labs.

And I’ll add that my book on ReDesigning Narrative Design is a how-to book. But it is a how-to-change-the-rules book. One of the things I do is undermine the certainty of storytelling and game design norms by outlining the cultural forces that generated them and keep them in place.


Photo of Christy bearing teeth with narrative designer name plate

Photo of Christy in wizard hat with hand up casting a spell, bearing teeth and holding a name plate reading “narrative designer,” with pink and purple tones throughout.


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