Hello! I’m Christy Dena!

Christy Dena (she/they, pronunciation Dee-na) is me.

I’m a narrative design activist.

I’m a storymaker, educator, and researcher who is living and making for a more kind, just, and creative world.

I’m about narrative design processes, methods, & techniques that free up the creative, widen what is possible, and produce works that depict and enable a liberated and flourishing world.

I’m a writer, designer, and director of multi-artform and interactive projects. I’ve worked on installations, apps, live games, tabletop, ARGs, VR, films, theatre, and TV shows.

I run my own studio, Universe Creation 101, and have won National Writers’ Guild and State Premier’s Prize awards for my original interactive writing. My interactive projects have been exhibited across Australia, New York, and Los Angeles, with press including Wired, ABC, Forbes, The Age, and more.

I’ve given keynotes, speeches, and workshops at events around the world. I’ve mentored at labs around the world, and I’ve designed & run international and interdisciplinary labs, including Forward/Story, Crafting Intangibles, Telematic Studio, Transmedia Victoria, and the Extended Experiences Lab. I have written craft articles and book chapters. 

My background is in theatre as a performer, writer, and director, and producing digital effects for films & TVCs at digital production studios.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Visual & Performing Arts, Monash Uni), a Post-Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing (Uni of Melb), and a PhD in Media, Narrative, & Game Studies (Uni of Syd).

I create on/with the unceded Bunurong Country of the Kulin Nation.

Christy at a table with a lot of index cards
Older photo of Christy in Costa Rica, with a flowery dress on, hair back in a ponytail, sitting on a green couch looking over index cards, designing the events for her co-run lab Forward/Story. Photo by co-founder Lance Weiler.


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