Hello! I’m Christy Dena!

Christy Dena (she/they, pronunciation Dee-na) is a writer-designer-director of multi-artform and interactive projects. She has worked on installations, Apps, live games, tabletop, ARGs, VR, films, theatre, and TV shows. Her interactive fiction work has won an AWGIE and WA Premier’s Prize, and her work has been exhibited in Experiments New Media Arts Biennial, Babycastles, PopUp Playground and QUT’s Science & Technology Centre. Christy has worked on projects for Cisco, Nokia, ABC, and more. Christy has written for Cordite Literary Review, The Conversation, RealTime, ABC, among others. Christy is currently part-time Professor of Cross-Media and Interactive Narratives at the Norwegian Film School. Christy creates on/with unceded Boonwurrung Country.


Photo of Christy bearing teeth with narrative designer name plate
Photo of Christy in wizard hat with hand up casting a spell, bearing teeth and holding a name plate reading “narrative designer,” with pink and purple tones throughout.


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