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DIYSPY — storytelling card game with a prosocial, prefigurative take on a spy action-comedy. Currently finalising the design, going into final card game art and graphic design.

Bugging Humans — a 2-player local co-operative digital game where you play a blind spider or a blowfly who team up to start a revolution in the backyard. Currently in early development with funding from VicScreen’s Originate Fund, and selected for the PlayNow Australian games marketplace.

Dance Activist — an audio-driven adventure where you challenge the status quo with dance. It’s Footloose meets Alexa. Currently bubbling on the backburner while I finish other projects.

Crime Behind the Crime — a game where you need to solve the real cause of a crime, beyond the criminal act. Currently bubbling on the backburner while I finish other projects.


The Tour from HELL-o!: It’s a short action-adventure game involving a submarine tour and a sea surprise. It is designed to facilitate optional thinking, prosocial relations, and self efficacy. Writer-designer for UniSA Education Futures, University of South Australia.


DIYSPY: Cooperative storytelling game (digital remote released, card game forthcoming) — featured on Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and exhibited at CANCON, PAXAU Collaboratory, CHIPlay Interactivity & Play, GO423, and PopUp Playground. Designed for prosocial, prefigurative, play.

Magister Ludi: A conceptual digital escape-the-room game about our need to escape (installation + digital app) — commissioned by Experimenta for the International Biennial of Media Art; Official Selection for Parallels (Freeplay Independent Games Festival), Babycastles (NYC), and Contours Exhibition on Australian Independent Games; and Finalist for the WA Premier’s Book Awards (Digital Narrative) and the International New Media Writing Prize. 

Sketched image of family in outback

A Thin Black LineI was Narrative Design Consultant for this animated VR documentary directed by Douglas Watkin, with VR direction by Oscar Raby and art by acclaimed Aboriginal artist Vernon Ah Kee. Covered in Gizmodo, and exhibited at the Australian VR Film Festival, ACMI: Untold Australia VR Showcase, Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, and the International Documentary Film Festival.

Photo of people in front of large screens with robot

Robot University: Writer-designer-producer-director of this commissioned installation for the Science and Technology Centre, QUT. It is an interventionist public interactive installation aimed at promoting empathy for robots and the responsible creation of artificial beings. Funded by the Australian Literature Board & QUT. Press on ABC Radio National, Artery, Arts Hub, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times, The Australian…


Forgotten VR: Co-written and designed with Grania Kelly a narrative documentary prototype. It’s about the real-life story of a woman who died in a Sydney city apartment and wasn’t found for nearly 8 years. For StarSapphire Productions, funded by Screen Australia Doc Dev, and selected for AIDC XR Marketplace.

Photo of players with aprons running amok

Bakers of AnarchyWriter-designer of this live game commissioned for Pop Up Playground’s Fresh Air Festival, ACMI. In this live game, you are a contestant in the finale of the 9th Annual Cake Decorating Championship. One of the hosts has been embroiled in a bitter buttercream scandal, and so you arrive to find an Anarchist is now running the competition. You do whatever you can to impress the revolutionary philosopher with your anarchic cake decorating to ultimately win the championship, or the good fight.

Playing KandangaWriter-Designer of this playful app commissioned to guide visitors through the history of the regional Queensland town of Kandanga, as part of a programme of sending out artists to towns who were recovering from events. The App was designed to reflect back to the residents and to visitors how play was a key psychological approach that aided the town’s adaptation through environmental tragedy.

Illustration of morgue building with brower interaction buttons

AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPSWriter-Designer-Producer-Director of the comedic web audio adventure about the meaning of death. The story is an esoteric murder mystery, and the experience combines audio drama with web search. Winner, ‘Digital Narrative’, WA Premier’s Book Awards; Winner, ‘Interactive Media’, Australian Writers’ Guild; Finalist, ‘Best Writing in a Game’, Freeplay Independent Games Festival; Official Selection, Electronic Literature Organization’s Media Arts Showcase. Press: Wired, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times, Polygon, The Literary Platform, Courier Mail, ARGNet, Cinema Autopsy, Litopia After Dark…

Photo of geminoid speaking to audience

GeminoidSpeech Writer for an Android. I was commissioned to write a speech for the android Geminoid HI-4 to deliver at the 10,000+ event Robotronica. The android, created by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, introduced other robots and the band 7bit Hero.

Conspiracy for GoodTransmedia Consultant on Conspiracy for Good is a branded entertainment alternate reality game for “social good”. It was created by Tim Kring (USA), The company P (Sweden), and Nokia (Finland). The global alternate reality drama combined online, mobile, video, live events, billboards, newspapers over 5 months. It resulted in building/stocking 5 libraries in Africa, funding 50 scholarships for schoolgirls and generating over 10,000 books for the Zambian libraries through

Bluebird ARTransmedia Story & Game Advistor on Bluebird AR —  a serious alternate reality drama created by the Innovation Department at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). The project was the first ARG in the world created by a broadcaster that wasn’t linked to a television show. The subject was geoengineering, and involved real world experts in consultation during development and in public when the project was live. The project combined online, mobile, live events, TV, radio, and billboards over 6 weeks.

The Hunt: Co-Designer on the global alternate reality game commissioned by Cisco to train their global sales staff in their new technologies. The game was an action adventure told over online, mobile, live action, and live events.