[link to all creative works]
2020 (in dev) – Writer-Designer, “DIYSPY”, (Tabletop, Videochat, Stage), Comedy, improvisation storytelling party game
2019 (in dev) – Co-Writer & Co-Designer, “Forgotten VR”, VR Doc (VIVE, 15min), StarSapphire Productions, Screen Australia Documentary Development Fund.
2017 – Narrative Design Consultant, “The Thin Black Line”, VR Documentary (GEAR VR, Go, 12min), VRTOV, SBS Australia, Oculus. Directed by Douglas Watkin with artwork by Vernon Ah Kee. Funded by SBS Australia, Screen Australia, Screen Queensland.
2015 – Writer-Designer, “Playing Kandanga,” Audio Tour App, Friends of Kandanga, Creative Recovery Network, Arts Queensland.
2015 – Writer-Designer-Director, “Bakers of Anarchy,” Live Game, Pop Up Playground, Federation Square.
2014 – Writer-Designer-Director, “Robot University,” Large-Scale Installation (Networked Touch Screens, Projections, Kinect, 10mins), The Cube, Science and Technology Centre, QUT, Australian Literature Board.
2014 – Writer-Designer-Director, “Magister Ludi Game,” App & Installation (iOS, Android, 15min), Experimenta International Biennial of Media Art.
2013 – Writer-Designer-Director, “AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS,” Audio-Driven App (iOS, Chrome App, 40mins), Screen Australia, Pozible.
2010 – Game Designer, “The Hunt,” Global Branded Alternate Reality Game, Cisco & No Mimes Media.
2010 – Transmedia Consultant, “Conspiracy for Good,” Global Branded Alternate Reality Game, Nokia.
2010 – Transmedia & Game Consultant, “Bluebird AR,” Global Branded Alternate Reality Game, ABC Innovation.
2005 – Writer, Programmer, “The Villager Girl and the Teenbot,” Print & Chatbot, The Age Melbourne Writers’ Festival.
1994 – Co-writer and Performer, “Suspended Extended,” Sketch Comedy Musical Theatre, (Dir: Margaret Bearman), Melbourne Comedy Festival, The Courthouse, Carlton.
1993 – Concept, Producer, Director, “HeSheIt,” Multimedia Theatre, Monash Student Theatre.
1992 – Co-writer and Performer, “Suspended,” Sketch Comedy Musical Theatre, (Dir: Felicity Kaemevar), Melbourne Comedy Festival, Monash Student Theatre.


2019 – Official Selection, PAX AUS Collaboratory, Melbourne Convention Centre, curated by PAXAUS, (DIYSPY)
2018 – Official Selection, Melbourne Playground: Public Games Exhibition, ACMI, curated by CHIPlay, sponsored by City of Melb (DIYSPY)
2016 – Official Selection,
GO423 Pop-up Exhibition, Bris, curated by Brisbane International Game Developers Association (DIYSPY)
2015 – Official Selection, Babycastles, NYC, ‘Embed with Games’ book launch, curated by Cara Ellison (Magister Ludi Game)
2015 – Commission, Fresh Air Festival, Pop Up Playground, ACMI, curated by PUP (Bakers of Anarchy)
2014 – Official Selection, Contours Exhibition on Australian Independent Games, Melb, curated by Chad Toprak (Magister Ludi Game)
2014 – Official Selection, Freeplay Independent Games Festival’s Parallels, Melb, curated by Dan Golding (Magister Ludi Game)
2014-5 –Commission, Experimenta International Biennial of Media Art, VIC, NSW, QLD, curated by Jonathan Parsons (Magister Ludi Game)
2014/… – Commission (permanent rotating), The Cube Science and Technology Centre, Bris, funded by QUT & Aust Literature Board (Robot University)
2014 – Official Selection, Fresh Air Festival, Pop Up Playground, Melb, curated by PUP (Seance for Lost Stuff)

2014 – Official Selection, Electronic Literature Organization’s Media Arts Show, University of Wisconsin, curated by ELO (AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS)
2013 – Official Selection, This is a Door, Pop Up Playground, Melb, curated by PUP (DIYSPY/Pop Up Spy Academy)
2005 – Official Selection, Talk Fiction Colloquium, University of Melbourne + The Age Melbourne Writers’ Festival, curated by UOM Postgraduate Creative Writing Association (The Villager Girl and the Teenbot)
2005 – Official Selection, disjunctions 2005: Theory Reloaded, University of California, Riverside, curated by Original Hypermedia, Net.Art, Mods, Flash panel (The Villager Girl and the Teenbot)


Winner, ‘Digital Narrative’ Award, WA Premier’s Book Awards (AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS)
Winner, ‘Interactive Media’ Award, Australian Writers’ Guild (AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS)
Finalist, Digital Narrative’ Award, WA Premier’s Book Awards (Magister Ludi Game)
Finalist, International New Media Writing Prize (Magister Ludi Game)
Finalist, ‘Best Writing in a Game’ Award, Freeplay Independent Games Festival Awards (AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS)


Best Cross Platform Project, Banff World Media Award (Conspiracy for Good)
Digital Program – Fiction Nomination, International Digital Emmy Awards (Conspiracy for Good)
Mobile Nomination, 14th Annual SXSW Interactive Awards (Conspiracy for Good)
Official Honoree, Integrated Campaigns, 15th Annual Webby Awards (Conspiracy for Good)
Merit Award for Other Branded Entertainment, One Show Awards (The Hunt)
Interactive Writing Award, 44th Annual Australian Writers Guild Awards
Innovation Award, (Internal) ABC Awards (Bluebird AR)
Best Film, Melbourne Fringe Festival (actor) (Forsaken)
Special Jury Award, Best Short Film, Altin Portakal Film International Film Festival (actor) (Forsaken)


2020 – Writer in Residence, Kilvington Grammar School (AUS)
2020 – Artist-in-Residence, Shandy Hall, Laurence Sterne Trust (UK)
2013 – Artist-in-Residence, Digital Writing Residency, The Cube, QUT, Australian Literature Board (AUS)
2012 Digital Writing Ambassador, Emerging Writers’ Festival (AUS)


2020 – “A day-by-day diary of an Australian coronavirus COVID-19 patient,ABC News, 25th March.
2018 ExLab Reflection,” (self-published) Medium, 1st Aug.
2017 A Narrative Designer’s Experience of Amazon’s “The Man in the High Castle” Resistance Radio Campaign,” (self-published) Medium, 11th March.
2017 Why Craft Intangibles?” (self-published) Medium, 25th April.
2016 – “Christy Dena interviews Eric Zimmerman,Cordite Literary Review, 4th May.
2016 – “Transmedia Teen,” Immerse, 16th Nov.
2013 – “Emotion and the Self in Games,Cordite Literary Review, 1st Sept.
2012 – “The Scaredy Cat Factor,” The Emerging Writer: An Insider’s Guide to Your Writing Journey, Emerging Writers’ Festival.
2008 – The Writers’ Guide to Making a Digital Living: Choosing Your Own Adventure, co-authored with Therese Fingleton & Jennifer Wilson, Australia Council for the Arts.


Australian Book Review, Cordite Literary Review,
Johns Hopkins University Press, Routledge,
UNSW Press, Birkhauser, Meanjin Meanland,
Real Time Arts Magazine, ABC News, ABC Splash,
Tribeca Film Institute, Immerse, AIGA Design Educators,
Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Convergence Journal,
Electronic Book Review, MediaCommons, Cyberculture Studies,
The Conversation, Writing Queensland Magazine,
if:Book Australia, Queensland Writers Centre Connect


[link to more research]
2018 — ‘Transmedia and Adaptation: Revisiting the No-Adaptation Argument”
The Routledge Companion to Transmedia Studies, Routledge: London.
2018 — “How Creative Processes Are Adapting To Change The World,”
Journal of the Spanish Communication Research Association, 5 (9), 1-9.
2017 — Finding a Way: Techniques to Avoid Schema Tension in Narrative Design,”
Transactions of the Digital Games Research Association (ToDiGRA), Vol. 3, No. 1.
2014 — “Transmedial Fictions”
The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media, Johns Hopkins University Press.
2009 — Transmedia Practice: Theorising the Practice of Expressing a Fictional World
across Distinct Media and Environments,”
PhD, University of Sydney.
2008 — Emerging Participatory Culture Practices: Player-Created Tiers in Alternate Reality Games”
Convergence Journal: International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, Vol 14, No 1, pp: 41-57.
2008 — “The Future of Entertainment is All in Your Head: An Argument for the Age of Integration,”
Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Vol 16, Issue 2-3.
2007 —  “Patterns in Cross-Media Interaction Design: It’s Much More Than a URL,”
Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Crossmedia Interaction Design, 22-25 March, Hemavan, Sweden, pp: 4-10.


Power to the Pixel, London Film Festival (UK)
SERIAIS – Seminário Narrativas Seriadas – Ficções Televisivas, Games e Transmídia (BRA)
First International Conference on Cross-Media Interaction Design (SWE)
Digital Writing Ambassador – Emerging Writers’ Festival (AUS)
Transmedia Storytelling and Beyond (AUS)
Emergence Creative Festival (AUS)
Navitas Women’s Networking (AUS)
Transmedia Living Lab (ES)
Story Hack (AUS)
MediaCity (FIN)


Nokia (FIN), International Women in Digital Media Summit (CAN),
Transmedia Hollywood (USA),  Game Developers Conference (USA),
TEDx Transmedia (SWI), Cinekid (NL),  Cartoons on the Bay (ITA),
London Film Festival (UK), The Documentary Organization of Canada (CAN),
Microsoft (USA), ABC, Melbourne Film Festival, Australian Film Festival,
Revelations Film Festival, Melbourne Writer’s Festival, Sydney Writer’s Festival,
Brisbane Writer’s Festival, Emerging Writer’s Festival, Festival of Ideas,
Freeplay Independent Games Festival,  Oz Comi Con, ACMI,
AIMIA,  GOMA, Australian Literature Board,
Australian Writers’ Guild, Australian Digital Alliance,
Australia Society of Authors, ACT Filmmakers Network…


[link to more events]
2020Interactive Narrative Design & Extended Experiences Lab, Story Hack, South Australian Film Corporation (International)
2019 – VR Writers Room, CEFIMA, Norwegian Film School (Oslo, NOR)
2019 – Extended Experiences Lab, XR:WA (AUS)

2019Telematic Studio, CEMENTA Inc, UC101 (AUS, UK, ZWE)
2019Extended Experiences Lab, CEFIMA, Norwegian Film School (Oslo, NOR)
2018Extended Experiences Lab, Screen Queensland, West End Film Festival (QLD)
2018Crafting Intangibles, Screen Queensland, UC101 (AUS, UK, USA, FRA)
2014-8 – Forward Slash Story, Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab, Reboot, UC101 (USA, CR, IDN, KEN)
DiGRAA Queensland, DiGRA (AUS)
2015-7 Brass Razoo, SAE Creative Media Institute (Bris, AUS)
2014-7 What I Really Do, SAE Creative Media Institute (Bris, AUS)
2011 Transmedia Victoria, Australia Council for the Arts, Screen Australia, Film Victoria, Arts Victoria, ABC Television, Freeplay… (Melb, AUS)
2007-8 BayCampSydney,  Atlassian, Microsoft Australia, Google, Thoughtworks, Linux Australia, Tangler… (Syd, AUS)
2006 Extended Entertainment Experiences, AFTRS (Syd, AUS)



Professor Adjunct, Creative Industries, QUT
Digital Writing Ambassador, Emerging Writers Festival
Director’s Secondment, Playbox Theatre Company, Malthouse Theatre (Dir: William Bluth)
“Teaching and Learning Award,” National SAE Staff Excellence Awards, SAE Creative Media Institute

“Pioneer,” Finalist, MCV Top 100 Most Influential Women in Games in Australia & NZ
“Creative Inspiration,” Finalist, MCV Top 100 Most Influential Women in Games in Australia & NZ


[link to more press]
Deadline Hollywood, Filmmaker Magazine, Forbes, Wired, Gizmodo,
ABC, Screenhub, The Guardian, Pitchfork, Gamasutra, Christian Science Monitor,
Hollywood East Connection, Tribeca Film Institute, The Sacramento Bee,
Animation World Network, Australian Financial Review, Vogue, Film Ink,
Game Informer Magazine, Hyper Magazine, Marketing Mag, Vancouver Sun,
The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Courier Mail, RealTime Arts Magazine,
Time Out Magazine, Artery, Arts Hub, The Australian, Brisbane Times,
Polygon, The Literary Platform, Courier Mail, ARGNet, Cinema Autopsy,
Litopia After Dark, RealTime Arts Magazine, Time Out Magazine,
Aphra Magazine, Spook Magazine, Fluoro, Game Cloud, Crikey…


National Innovation Games, Australia Council for the Arts (AUS)
Telematic Studio, UC101 &
Forward Slash Story,
Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab (USA, CR, IDN, KEN)
Extended Entertainment Experiences Lab (AUS, NOR)
VR Lab, ACMI & Film Victoria, VR Festival, ACMI (AUS)
Storyworld Conference (USA)
Crossover Documentary Lab, Film Victoria (AUS)
XMediaLab: Film Extended, Screen Australia (AUS)
The Pixel Lab: The Cross-Media Film Workshop, London Film Festival (UK)
Crossover Indigenous Lab, Screen Australia (AUS)
Making for Market Grant, Story of the Future, Australian Literature Board (AUS)
Online MA in Creative Writing and New Media, De Montfort University (UK)
New Media Writing, Booranga Writers’ Center (AUS)
Laboratory of Advanced Media Production, Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AUS)


International Digital Emmy Awards, Digital Program: Fiction (USA)
Pulcinella Award, Cartoons on the Bay (ITL)
Babelgum Pixel Pitch Award, Power to the Pixel, London Film Festival (UK)
Web Drama Series, Independent Production Fund (CAN)
Whistler Film Festival Pitch Fest West, Whistler Film Festival (CAN) – [panel feedback only]
Austrian Science Fund (AUT)
Category Judging Coordinator, Australian Writers’ Guild Awards (AWGIES), Interactive Media (AUS)
Australian Writers’ Guild Awards (AWGIES), Interactive Media (AUS)
Emerging and Experimental Grants, Australia Council for the Arts (AUS)
Organisations Six Year Funding, Australia Council for the Arts (AUS)
Creative Australia New Art, Australia Council for the Arts (AUS)
Inter-Arts Board, Australia Council for the Arts (AUS)
Digital Programs, Australia Council for the Arts (AUS)
Finalists, West End Film Festival, (AUS)
Meet Your Maker VR Marketplace, AIDC (AUS)
Online Video Awards (AUS)
27th Annual WA Screen Awards, Best Interactive (AUS)
AIMIA Awards, The Digital Industry Association of Australia (AUS)
Digital Media Initiative, NSW Government (AUS)
ABC Excellence in Digital Media Awards, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (AUS)
Green Room Awards – Hybrid Performance (AUS)
Portable Worlds, The Australian Network for Art and Technology (AUS)
Laboratory of Advanced Media Production, Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AUS)


[link to more teaching]
CALARTS (USA), USC (USA), De Montfort University (UK),
Leeds Beckett University (UK), Noordelijke Hogeschool (The Netherlands),
Umea University (Sweden), University of Skövde (Sweden),
Norwegian Film School (Norway), Unitech (New Zealand),
Griffith University, Swinburne University, University of Melbourne,
University of Sydney, RMIT, Macquarie University,
University of Technology Sydney, University of Western Australia,
UNSW, University of Sunshine Coast, QUT, SAE Creative Media Institute.


Director/Owner, Universe Creation 101
Professor of Cross-Media and Interactive Narratives, Norwegian Film School
Co-Founder, Forward Slash Story
Producer, Imagine IF Productions
Business Manager, Planet X Studios
Program Coordinator, Masters of Creative Industries, SAE Creative Media Institute
National Chair, Games, SAE Creative Media Institute
Department Coordinator, Games, SAE Creative Media Institute
Senior Lecturer, SAE Creative Media Institute
National Module Coordinator, SAE Creative Media Institute


MIT Press, Routledge, Focal Press, CRC Press…


Aalborg University (DEN)
Auckland University of Technology (NZ)
Curtin University (AUS)
Fielding Graduate University (USA)
Macquarie University (AUS)
University of Tampere (FIN)


Games & Interactive Advisory Committee, The Australian Writers Guild (AUS)
Scholarship and Research Committee, SAE Creative Media Institute (AUS)
IGDA ARG SIG (international)


Biba Industries (CAN)
Carnegie Mellon University’s ETC Press (USA)
Storyworld Conference and Expo (USA)
Aphids Lab (AUS)
As the Dust Settles (USA)
Freeplay Independent Games Festival (AUS)
dLux Media Arts (AUS)


The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
The Australian Writers Guild
Australian Directors Guild
Association of Internet Researchers
Modern Language Association
Society for the Study of Narrative Literature
European Narratology Network
International Game Developers Association
Game Developers Association of Australia
Open Channel