Dena, C. (2009) Transmedia Practice: Theorising the Practice of Expressing a Fictional World across Distinct Media and Environments, PhD, University of Sydney. [see this page for download options]

Book Chapters

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Other Publications


  • (2015) Winner, “Creative and Scholarly,” SAE Southern Staff Excellence Award, SAE Creative Media Institute


  • 2017/… – Main Supervisor – Lipsyc, Nadja (current) From immersion to participatory storytelling: bridging Film, Nordic Larp, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, Artistic Research Fellowship, Norwegian Film School.
  • 2017/… – Secondary Supervisor – Levy, Cecilie (current) Travel Through Time: Recreating the Classic Short La Jetée as a Virtual Reality Experience, Artistic Research Fellowship, Norwegian Film School.
  • 2017-2019 – Mentor – Masters of Creative Industries, SAE Creative Media Institute.
  • 2007 – Co-supervisor – Norrington, Alison Sara (2007)  The production & response to a cross-media, new media novel: Staying Single, De Montfort University


  • 2019 – External Examiner – XXX, Doctor of Philosophy, School of Media and Communication College of Design and Social Context, RMIT University. Supervisor: XXX.
  • 2019 –  External Assessment Committee Member – Selvadurai, Vashanth (2019) Transmedia Exhibition. Exploring production criteria for a transmedia experience in an exhibition context, Department of Communication and Psychology, Aalborg University. Supervisor: Professor Claus Andreas Foss Rosenstand.
  • 2019 – External Reviewer – Artistic Research Applications, Norwegian Film School.
  • 2018 – External Examiner – Waetford, Isaac (2019) Interpreting and Animating the Tāwhaki Myth Cycle in a Video Game, Master of English and New Media Arts, Auckland University of Technology. Supervisor: Tof Eklund.
  • 2018 – External Examiner – Meyers, Richard Alexander (2018) Exploring the experiences of gamers playing as multiple first-person video game protagonists in Halo 3: ODST’s single-player narrative, Master of Arts (Research), School of Creative Practice, Creative Industries Faculty, QUT. Supervisor: XXX.
  • 2018 – External Reviewer – Artistic Research Applications, Norwegian Film School.
  • 2017 – External Examiner – Wong, Joyce (2017) Narrative and Transmedia Branding: Storytelling in Macy’s Inc. Believe Christmas Campaign, Master of Research, Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies, Macquarie University. Supervisor: Associate Professor Peter Doyle.
  • 2012 – External Examiner – Montola, Markus (2012) On the Edge of the Magic Circle: Understanding Role-Playing and Pervasive Games, Doctoral Dissertation, University of Tampere.
  • 2011 – External Examiner – Bamrungpong, Silvina (2011) Stories in Motion: Transmedia as Portal. Doctoral Dissertation, Fielding Graduate University. Chair: Dorothy E. Agger-Gupta.

Manuscript Assessments

  • MIT Press, Routledge, etc…

Research+ Positions

  • (2005) Research Assistant, New Aesthetics, Dr Barbara Bolt, Coordinator, Visual Media, School of Creative Arts. My role is to research key texts and contemporary explorations of aesthetics, immersion and light in visual arts (material and virtual instantiations) for this ARC funded research project.
  • (2003-5) Co-Project Manager and Website Creator for University of Melbourne ARC-funded Linkage Project: Risky Business . School of Creative Arts; Language, Literacy and Arts Education; Department of Criminology. Chief Investigators: Assoc. Prof Angela O’Brien, Assoc. Prof. Christine Alder, Kate Donelan. Role: To develop and manage projects created by Risky Business, administer Risky, create and maintain web presence, assist the Research Coordinator. I project managed a Comedy Mentoring Program for ‘youth-at-risk’ and top professional comedians.
  • (2005) Publications Officer, School of Creative Arts, University of Melbourne. Role: Collection, categorisation and input of academic and non-academic publications for the Department of Education, Science and Training Higher Education Research Data Collection audit.
  • (2004-5) GAMS Support for ARC applications, School of Creative Arts , University of Melbourne . Role: To provide technical and budgeting support to academics applying for Australia Research Council grants.
  • (2003-5) Web Developer and User-Tester for University of Melbourne Student Theatre Database, School of Creative Arts, University of Melbourne . Role: To manage and administer data collection and input, user-test the database. Website:
  • (2003) Research Assistant for School of Creative Arts , University of Melbourne TALMAQ project: Compendium . Coordinated by Dr Peter Morse. Role: To research, collect, digitise and input imagery for the database, user-test and develop database, research meta-data and digital rights management


  • 2011/… – Carnegie Mellon University’s ETC Press, USA
  • 2016-2018 Scholarly and Research Committee, SAE Creative Media Institute
  • 2003-4 Postgraduate Representative, Arts IT & Multimedia Committee, University of Melbourne
  • 2003-4 IT&MM Committee Representative, Arts Web Advisory Group, University of Melbourne
  • 2003-4 Student Representative, Review of Guidelines for Management of Research Data and Records Committee, University of Melbourne
  • 2003-4 Student Representative, Review of IT Statutes, University of Melbourne


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