A small gathering of some of my interactivity thinking and creations.

I am currently freelancing on an interactive story (digital) with collective dynamics that will be released early 2022, prepping my prosocial storytelling game DIYSPY for tabletop release, developing a project where you play insect allies in an uprising in the backyard, and drafting a book on reconstituting narrative design.

Can’t Sell This

Podcast interview on interactive storytelling

Finding a Way

DiGRA journal article about techniques to bridge the schism in narrative design with objectives and first-person learning

Playful Testing

Post about letting testers play with your design

Playing Kandanga

Article about the design of a commissioned community arts recovery project where I worked with the town of Kandanga archiving their play through generations

Adapting the “Hierarchy of Understanding” to Games

Article on designing the onboarding experience in games

Crafting Intangibles

My hybrid online/local conference on interactive narrative design with speakers from around the world

Whyfinding: What Pervasive Gaming has taught me about Level Design

Remote talk for ARGFest-O-Con about the leaning on extrinstic motivation in videogames.

Magister Ludi Game

Installation and App on how we learn to put ourselves into rooms to escape, commissioned by the Experimenta International Biennial of Media Art

Design Cross-Section

Post about a narrative design method to combine multiple narrative and real world structures

Playing the Game of Legacy

Play review of Bernie De Koven’s final game gift to the world

Making Mechanics

Post about the different ways we can design mechanics.

Christy Dena interviews Eric Zimmerman

Commissioned interview article for Cordite Literary Review

Remediation of the Art Space in Second Life

Presentation in SL about in-world art spaces

Narrative Design Testing

Post about some of the things I find I continually need to test for other people’s work and my own.

Bakers of Anarchy

Live game on rebelling against the systems of oppression through a baking TV show, commissioned by Pop Up Playground

 The Writers’ Guide to Making a Digital Living

Co-written ebook commissioned by the Aust Literature Board

New Writing Universe

A chart of all the interactive storytelling terms I found as of 2008


An audio drama across the web about the meaning of death

Elements of Interactive Drama

Journal article on an early web-based drama