2012 Wrap Up!

Wow! 2012 is wrapping up already! This year I spent most of my time on my passion project and said “no” to more things than ever before. But looking over this list, I’ve still been busy! Here is an overview of everythink (I think), in case there is something you’d like to check out:


  • An early iPad prototype of my web audio adventure AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS was nominated for “Best Writing in a Game” at the Freeplay Independent Gaming Awards! We came runner-up amongst a big field of released games and so we’re thrilled! I’ve given some talks and written some articles about AUTHENTIC this year – and so you’ll see them below. I can’t wait to release this baby to the world. We’re working on our crowdfunding campaign to get the essential last monies to complete it. This will be launched in Jan. Fingers crossed!!
  • I was commissioned by the Melbourne Writers Festival to write a mobile/cell story as part of their festival promotions. The stories (3 writers to create 3 stories) were cancelled due to the advertising agency having to pull out. However, because I had already done work on the street story before it was cancelled I received my first kill fee! And, because I like the storyworld I created, I’m going ahead with the street story anyway. I have adapted it for global implementation and am ready to playtest. Woot! Just need to do the tech side of things…
  • “title withheld” – I did concept development for a game and graphic novel pre-experience for a cool supernatural action horror feature film
  • “title withheld” – I’ve done some preliminary concept development work on a global serious game and accompanying transmedia campaign
  • The Book of Revelations – I did a prototype pre-experience for this delightful work-in-progress performance work.
  • Hunter n Hornet – I did some pitch and transmedia consulting with this “appisode series” in its early days, and now it is released!





  • International Digital Emmy Awards, Digital Program: Fiction (USA – remote)
  • Web Drama Series, Independent Production Fund (CAN – remote)
  • Creative Australia New Art, Inter-Arts Board, Australia Council for the Arts (AUS)

PhD Assessor


  • StoryWorld Conference and Expo, Hollywood – Unfortunately I had to cancel being there and running my panel(s) in the end – but heard from everyone it was a great catch up time!
  • Aphids – an artist-led organisation focusing on cross-arts practice. Of the many projects they launched and developed this year, there is a supernatural iPhone tour to be released shortly – Fever Beach!
  • As the Dust Settles – documentary on Burning Man that is currently in post-production and so the board is currently giving feedback!
  • ETC Press – this game-focused open-publishing press has been receiving lots of submissions this year and so we’ve been busy!

 I cannot believe it is the end of the year now. It is good to have less of a workload for a bit. I’ll be working on my stuff of course – AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS, and as well as my street story (let me know if you want to be a playtester!). But I’ll be watching movies and playing games, and doing life admin stuff. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my 2012. I look forward to spending more time with all of you! 

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