Update: Freeplay, SWC & Sweden…


I have some good news and some bad news. Well, some bad news for some.

I’ll start with the bad news. I’ve decided to cancel my trips to LA and Sweden. So I won’t be at the StoryWorldConference. I was really looking forward to seeing you all, but I’ve cancelled because I want to spend the next few months focusing totally on my project AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS. So this is the good thing.

AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS was recently runner-up for “Best Writing in a Game” at the Freeplay Independent Gaming Festival! Wohoooo! We didn’t win, but we submitted a very early iPad build of the project (they accept projects in-development) and ended up beating many released games. So we’ve done really well and are super happy about this.

So now to keep the progression going. In order to finish this little beauty, we’ll need to run a crowdfunding campaign to get the final funds we need. And then, if that is successful, jump straight into finishing it for release early next year. So excited about this.

I’ll keep you updated on what is happening, and wish all my wonderful colleagues in LA the best time! 🙂

Now, for all my crazy American friends – here is a video of the winners of the Best International Game at Freeplay. They decided to do something us Ozzies would NEVER do…

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