Update: Scaredy Cats, Worldbuilding, ARGs & Barcelona


Here is an update on some of the things I’ve published and will be doing shortly. 🙂

  • I had a piece about (transmedia) worldbuilding published in MeanLand: Some Things I’ve Learned About Transmedia Worldbuilding – I’d love to hear your experiences!
  • I had an essay published in a book for emerging writers on not taking fear-based advice. My piece opens the book and has had great reviews along with all the amazing essays in the book. It is a great one: The Emerging Writer: An Insider’s Guide to Your Writing’ Journey
  • I’m now in Barcelona to give the opening keynote on ARGs, social experiences, education and PR — rah! — at the BCN Meeting on Social Experiences. I’m also meeting up with the Transmedia Barcelona folk to chat about filmmaking, comics, gaming, and mobile experiences with wonderful experts such as Antoni Roig Telo (who brought me over here!), Jordi SanchezNavarro, Carlos A. Scolari (who has just written a book on transmedia, featuring interviews with Henry Jenkins and myself!), and Montecarlo! Yay! We’re meeting today and will be sharing stuff through the hashtag #transmediabcn
  • I’ve been working on AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS, preparing everything for the next playtest. Wohoo! More info about the team and what we’ve been doing soon. Really. :p

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  • My you’ve been busy! I haven’t purchased “The Emerging Writer…” yet, but I’m planning on it (hope a Kindle version comes out soon) – and I plan on reading your article on Transmedia Worldbuilding. And I am very very excited about AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS! Woo hoo! I look forward to hearing all about what you’ve been doing on that. (And please – don’t forget my offer…}


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