Pervasive Play Salon: This Is A Door

The pervasive play scene has been growing around the world with festivals and events happening more and more providing chances for people to play street games and talk about them. Ever since Tassos Stevens came to Australia last year for my event Transmedia Victoria, things have been hotting up in Melbourne now too. There is a collective called Pop Up Playground that are running a festival this weekend called This Is A Door. A list of local and international games people can play at the festival is on their site.

This Sunday 3.30-5pm, there will also be a Salon, in which a few of us — Paul Callaghan, Alex DesebrockEmilie CollyerDan KoopChristian Leavesley and myself (chaired by Ben McKenzie) — will be chatting about play and performance and game.

You get access to the Salon when you buy a ticket to one of the This Is A Door play sessions. Hope to see you there! 😀


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