Update: Emerging Writers’ Festival, MediaCity & Pervasive Gaming

Hello! Well, I’m back from Sweden. I had a great time. While there I not only jumped over to LA to speak at Transmedia Hollywood, I also flitted over to Finland to give a keynote at MediaCity. It was great catching up with Simon, and hearing more about the audience testing they do there. Good times. 🙂

Shortly after arriving back in Melbourne, I gave a lecture on pervasive gaming (the things I had learned from working on alternate reality games) to the game design students at RMIT. That is great fun. 🙂 (I really should share those lessons online – been meaning to for years).

Anyway, this weekend I’m excited to be a part of the Emerging Writers’ Festival in Melbourne. The “festival for writers” has asked me to be a “Town Hall Writers’ Conference Ambassador”. There are five of us, representing different writing skill sets:

  • Ali Alizadeh (poetry)
  • Christy Dena (digital storytelling)
  • Lawrence Leung (comedy)
  • Emily Maguire (novels)
  • Anita Sethi (journalism)

We have certain duties, which includes giving some talks. On Saturday 10-11am, we’ll be sharing things we wish we knew at the beginning of our “career” on the panel Seven Enviable Lines. On Sunday 12.30pm, a group of us will be talking specifically about digital writing: “Digital writing is about much more than whacking up a blog post every so often. It requires diligence, a consideration of audience and aesthetics. These writers discuss how they create and publish in the online space.” And then on Tuesday, my pre-recorded video on building an online audience will be streamed for the EWF Digital. I’ll be at all the evening functions, and around during the day for Q&As. I look forward to seeing you there and talking about writing! Yay! 🙂

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  • Great having you over here Christy, welcome back anytime 🙂


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