Off to mentor at The Pixel Lab

I’m flying to the UK today to mentor at The Pixel Lab: The Cross-Media Film Workshop:

The lab is aimed at European media professionals with a strong track record in their sector, and has a particular focus on the creation, finance and distribution of cross-media properties to create sustainable European media businesses. The Pixel Lab will enable producers and other media professionals to tap into the business knowledge-base of the film, advertising, online, broadcast, gaming and mobile industries.

There are two labs, and I’ll be mentoring at both the Welsh Mini-Lab and the full Pixel Lab. I’ll be with a great bunch of mentors:

We’ll be working with an awesome bunch of practitioners who will also be mentoring each other and sharing with us!

  • Chiara Carbonara, Arcane Star Productions with My Uni Experience
  • Dave Edwards, DEEM with Project X
  • Nathan Erasmus, Gravy Media with Roze and the Robots
  • Kevin Moss, PlayThisNext with Dr0id
  • John Shackleton, Movie Mogul with Panic Button
  • Owen Stickler, Dinamo Productions with The Heavy, Heavy Monster Show
  • Tom Ware, Rondo Media with Rockford
  • Steve Williams, Dai4films with Milly’s World
  • Rob Alexander, Perfect Motion with The Bow Project (UK)
  • Jan Bednarz, Buzz Films with Turf: The Road to Paris (UK)
  • Emilie Blézat, Sciapode Films with Fleurs du Mal (FRANCE)
  • Helena Bulaja, Alt F4 – Bulaja Studios  with Mechanical Figures_Inspired by Tesla (CROATIA)
  • Peggy Desplats, Cassiopée Films with Midnights (FRANCE)
  • Benjamin Faivre, Telfrance Série with La Scénarioze – 142 euros (FRANCE)
  • Gabriel Festoc, Yunkunkun Productions with Clandestino (FRANCE)
  • Marc Guidoni, Fondivina Films with Kinopanorama (FRANCE)
  • Patric Jean, Black Moon with Miracles (BELGIUM)
  • Tom Murphy, Streamline with Quest (UK)
  • Arabella Page-Croft, Black Moon with Outpost: Black Sun (UK)
  • Justine Potter, Savvy Productions with The Cupid Concept (UK)
  • Jeremy Pouilloux, La Générale de Production with L’OEIL AMÉRICAIN (FRANCE)
  • Krishna Stott, Visit Sheerport – Bellyfeel with The Alexander Wilson Project (UK)
  • Paulina Tervo, WriteThisDown with Awra Amba – Virtual Village (FINLAND)
  • Lena Thiele, with Farewell Comrades! Interactive (GERMANY)
  • Marietta von Hausswolff von Baumgarten with Krev?! (SWEDEN)
  • Stephane Adamiak, Transmedia Project & Partnership Manager, France Telecom/Orange (FRANCE)
  • Diogo Andrade, Filmmaker (PORTUGAL)
  • Nichola Bruce, Filmmaker (UK)
  • Ian Fenton, Writer/Director Lynchpin Productions (UK)
  • Andrea Garello, Scriptwriter (ITALY)
  • Caroline Gerdolle, Writer/Development Producer (FRANCE)
  • Ilann Girard, Producer & Consultant, Arsam International (FRANCE)
  • Pati Keilwerth, Creative Producer & Consultant, Patisserie Film (GERMANY)
  • Sabine Lange, Director Multi-Media ARTE (GERMANY)
  • Dan Lawson, Head of Production, Development & Inward Investment Screen WM (UK)
  • David McKenna, Executive Producer Cross-Media & Arts, RTE (IRELAND)
  • Despina Mouzaki, Producer and Director, Thessaloniki Film Festival (GREECE)
  • Stavros Papageorghiou, Documentary Producer/Director, Tetraktys Films (CYPRUS)
  • Anna Reeves, Freelance Writer/Director (FRANCE)
  • Simon Staffans, Format Developer, Media City (FINLAND)
  • Mira Staleva, Head of Co-production Market, Sofia Film Festival (BULGARIA)
  • Petra Strban, Production Manager (SLOVENIA)

We are going to have an amazing time. You should also know that Power to the Pixel has also announced The Pixel Market


The Pixel Market incorporating The Pixel Pitch and The Pixel Meetings has now opened for applications. We are looking for international projects with stories that can span a combination of film, TV, online, mobile, interactive, publishing, live events and gaming. Applications must be made by the producer of the project and submitted through a production company. Enter now for your chance of winning the £6,000 ARTE Pixel Pitch Prize! Deadline for applications is Friday, 6 August 2010.


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