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In 2007 I mentored a student in the De Montfort University Online MA in Creative Writing and New Media program. I taught there (remotely) for a few years and now the archive is online. It really was innovative and I am sad to see that it is no-longer online. There will be other courses online I’m sure, now that people are more ready for this kind of model. Anyway, I mentored Alison Norrington on her transmedia story Staying Single (a story she was invited to talk about at O’Reilly). Well, she is a full convert to the transmedia world and has now even started her own online course:

Transmedia storytelling is to fragment stories, offering multiple windows of opportunity to find out more and ‘drill deeper’ into the storyworld. Stories are spreading and migrating from the page and tv/cinema screens to a multitude of platforms, offering choices of how readers and audiences receive the story, participate or collaborate. Publishers are interested in harnessing ‘e’ to give a wider and deeper transmedia experience, writers are now ‘story architects’ and advertising agencies are utilising a transmedia concept to firmly place brands at the heart of story. This is an introduction to transmedia storytelling which is suitable for beginners or writers keen to find new ways to reach readers.

Check it out:

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  • I was on that course and it was really excellent: great content and structure and just the right amount of support and encouragement from Alison.

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