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Last year and this year I was a guest lecturer at the De Montfort University’s Online MA in Creative Writing and New Media — run by Sue Thomas and Kate Pullinger among other notables. Well, after my lecture last year I had the luck to be a mentor for a talented writer: Alison Norrington. Alison created what she calls a ‘cross media work of fictional blogging’. Basically, she created a fictional character, Sophie, and had her come alive across the web — conversing with people through her blog, Twitter, Bebo, Second Life and other sites. I wrote a bit about Staying Single at my CME blog. It was the first time Alison had explored this type of media design and she was quite taken by it…and I loved exploring it all with her.

Well, on the 12th (sorry about the short notice!! :() Alison is giving a talk on her work at O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference in New York: Fictional Blogging: Can Web 2.0 Translate to Publishing 2.0?. Go Alison! I’m sure you’ll do a grand job. Yay! [And if you see her, say Happy Birthday]

Sophie Invite

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