Latest moments in the press


The London Film Festival conference I participated in, Power to the Pixel, (see my last post) is still cranking out material and attracting press. Recently, I was quoted in The Guardian and an interview with me has been published at the PttP site. Both of these are really cool, but there are a couple of little things I’d like to clear up…

The Guardian piece quotes me referring to a ‘Project Universe’. While I’d love to take credit for that, it is actually Lance Weiler who came up with that term. I really like it…not just because of the ‘universe‘ theme, but because it is mode-neutral. I don’t like using terms such as ‘storyworld’ or ‘gameworld’ because cross/trans-media projects involve both narrative AND game elements. ‘Project Universe’ is also practice/industry-neutral, in that it can refer to franchises OR small-scale independent projects. I’m a sucker for inclusive terminology.

The interview is posted on the Power to the Pixel site and is written by Nikki Nimme. Nikki did a great job mashing up my email and in-person interviews and main speech at the conference. There are some little things, though, which didn’t quite make it or got a mixed up: I’m currently doing doctoral research, not post doc research; I prefer working with clients at the concept stage rather than coming in later in the project; the changes to distribution I mention are only SOME, not all!; as technology improves, it is entertainment that utilises pervasive/networked/augmented technologies more that will come to the fore, as well as simultaneous media usage (prequels etc are already happening!).

Anyway, these links have been added to my press page. I hope you get something out of them. 🙂