Ep 3: Dark-Side Attacker Tactics

I quickly recorded this to ensure I created this video on the 1st of November (in Australia). I did this to start the VloMo rule: one vlog every day in November. In this video I chat about a tactic that under-handed people use. I think I give the impression that these people are a bit evil. Although I’m sad to say there really are people out there who are nasty to the core, some people use these tactics because of some perceived irrational threat. Indeed, I’ve found two types of motivations for attacks against me: one is based on some weird-ass thing they’re projecting onto me, and the other is that they wired to be mean. If someone hurts me by ignorance, I don’t count that as an attack. To me, an attack happens when a person knows they’re attempting to do you harm.

Dark-Side Attacker Tactics from christydena on Vimeo.

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  • hi, I couldn’t see you feed in the vlomo08 list. did you want me to add it? I think this is it : http://feeds.feedburner.com/CompletionOfBeginningsMetaChristy

    nice post. don’t take things other people say to heart too much or you can drive yourself crazy! I had a guy speak to me as you described, but it was after we’d fallen out, so I wasn’t sure if it was me overanalyzing or him actually doing it. in the end I just left it alone and stopped thinking about it.

    (AliaK on the vlomo08/twitter group)

  • Thanks for coming by Kath! 🙂

    It says I joined the Videoblogging Month 2008 – VloMo08 19 hours ago. And my av is in the ‘editors’ list. Whatever that means. But I just realised that my feed isn’t in either. I tried via the non-feed but Vimeo option but that defaulted to my YouTube for some reason. So, I just (I think) fixed it now. 🙂

    As for not taking them to heart so much. You’re right. I just find I get hoodwinked…and I really find the way people think and structure the world fascinating. I like thinking about how people think. That includes the good and bad. But of course I am far from perfect when it somes to understanding them, myself and what to do with any knowledge I stumble upon.

  • thanks, I can see your feed there now. I think there were some delays at the start so maybe that’s what happened.

    yeah it’s good to keep track of your thoughts about these things. I probably should do videos of these things but I’m used to writing them in little notebooks.

  • Interesting observation! I have thought about this also. Reminds me of the story of Bluebeard in Women Who Run with the Wolves. Methinks they are people who have not been listened to early in their lives and have learnt to express their ‘truth’ in indirect ways (under the radar). Sort of sub/unconscious bleeding through the created safe personna. You can tell they are semi aware of it by the smirk and/or the definitive pause as they wait (salivating)for a reaction.

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