Ep 3: Dark-Side Attacker Tactics

I quickly recorded this to ensure I created this video on the 1st of November (in Australia). I did this to start the VloMo rule: one vlog every day in November. In this video I chat about a tactic that under-handed people use. I think I give the impression that these people are a bit evil. Although I’m sad to say there really are people out there who are nasty to the core, some people use these tactics because of some perceived irrational threat. Indeed, I’ve found two types of motivations for attacks against me: one is based on some weird-ass thing they’re projecting onto me, and the other is that they wired to be mean. If someone hurts me by ignorance, I don’t count that as an attack. To me, an attack happens when a person knows they’re attempting to do you harm.

Dark-Side Attacker Tactics from christydena on Vimeo.