Microsoft Research, Power to the Pixel & UC101 podcast

Hello everyone!

Today I’m flying to Seattle to participate in Microsoft Research’s Social Computing Symposium. Every year since 2004, Microsoft Research has been inviting 90 people from both academia and industry to pow wow about social computing. Participants over the years have included:

Here are the attendees, agendas and videos from the previous events:

This year, the following great peeps will be there (and of course many others!):

And me! Looking over the attendees for the past few years, it looks like I may be the first person from Australia!? Definitely the first who is at an Australian university.

Everyone has to prepare a presentation, but I doubt I’ll be presenting it as there is only time for a handful out of the whole group. What I’m looking forward to is the pow wow with a lot of great peeps. It should be a lot of fun.

I fly back from Seattle next week and then fly out to London. I’m very privileged to be asked to give the opening speech at Power to the Pixel. I’ll be presenting on the 22nd Oct, running a workshop on the 23rd and participating in the Project Forum launch on the 24th. Look at the great speakers that will be there. Every second of my time in London is booked up, but if you’re in London at the same time, come and say hi at PtoP!

And last but not least: another Universe Creation 101 podcast interview! Wohoo! I’m firing now: that is two this year. hehe. OK, the time between podcast interviews is a bit too long, but it is worth the wait. This interview is a special UK issue with online drama expert Tim Wright. He shares great insights from his years of working with innovative online interactive drama and multiplatform storytelling. Check it out.