Update on UC101 posts & bio spring cleaning


I’ve updated my design-oriented site, www.UniverseCreation101.com, with two posts:

I’ve also been doing some spring cleaning around this site and have created two pages:

  • Presentations: this page lists all my presentations together, with links to the categorised sub-pages with further detail
  • Publications: this page lists all my publications together, with links to (you get the idea)

Hope these last two changes make it easier to find stuff you’re looking for.

And, as always, I look forward to hearing any thoughts and suggestions you may have online or via email.

Cross-Media Technologies (Crafty Toys)

** I moved this page and update it here, but forgot to tell you all! **

Hello everyone! Today we’ll look at technologies used to manage cross/trans/multi-platform/media projects. I’m not talking about cross-media measurement, but about the tools you can use to deliver and manage your content across media platforms. I’ve selected a range of technologies used in alternate reality games, pervasive games, location-based games and interactive TV:

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It’s Manifesto Time!

Manifestos can be wonderful community-forming, revolution ranting things. I cannot recall why (I just needed to I think) but I created my own little silly declaration in 2005:

A cross-media creator is a conductor of an orchestra of media channels & arts types; an imagineer, constructing fictional worlds that cover the planet; a programmer, interpreting conversations between technology and nature; a sorcerer conjuring awesome events even they are surprised by; an audience member that wanted more, and so made a pact with The Creator to change the world.

But, I’ve realised it is time to dust off a few great ones from creators both past and present. I chose the following according to how well they matched two things: related to cross-media/multiplatform/transmedia/360content and whether they functioned in some way according this this definition of a manifesto in Wikipedia:

A manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions, often political in nature, but may also be life stance related. [source]

So, here they are, listed in chronological order (oldest to newest):

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