My Discussion with Game Writer Matt Costello @ Sydney Writers Festival

The program for the Sydney Writer’s Festival has just be released. It includes lots of great talks, workshops and discussions, including one I’ll be having with game writer Matt Costello. I’ve been asked to conduct a live discussion with game, TV, book and film writer Matt Costello for one hour at the Festival on Saturday May 24th. It should be a really interesting chat about game writing, and writing for entertainment in general.

In retrospect, I’ve actually conducted a few public discussions with game designers and writers. A couple of years ago I toured Australia chairing discussions with Obsidian Entertainment’s Chris Avellone for the Australian Literature Board; toured Australia with ARG designer Evan Jones for Film Australia (as well as interview him for my podcast UC101), and I interviewed Chris Crawford for the first and only Writer Response Theory podcast (I’m a giggling maniac on it). I must say, my favourite cultures are game designers (ARGers in particular), cross-media creators, transdisciplinarity scholars, and entrepeneurs, so it is great to have this opportunity to hang out with an experienced game writer, who is very good at articulating the unique aspects of game writing.