A guest blog with Jak Boumans

Jak Boumans is very well-known in industry for his work on digital media. He is the General Secretary of the European Academy of Digital Media, writes, reviews, audits and consults. I was a cyberspace lurker on his activities until I had the pleasure of meeting Jak when I gave a keynote at the First International Conference on Cross-Media Interaction Design (which Jak talks about here). After that I travelled to The Netherlands where Eric Voight invited me to give a talk at Noordelijke Hogeschool, Leeuwarden for their Crossmedia Minor. Eric also invited myself, Jak and Monique De Haas (blog) to hold a panel together. Chatting with Jak and Monique about all things cross-media (that is: talking with people who have been working with this area for years) was an absolute delight. Well, Jak has been blogging every day for years. He is up to his 1000th post and asked me to contribute some info about my upcoming thesis. I was honoured to do so. So, without further delay, here is my little contribution to Jak’s amazing online resource (of which he has more to come). Congratulations on 1000 posts Jak and all that you have contributed! 🙂

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