“While You Weren’t Watching…”


Just had the launch this morning of the documentary ‘While You Weren’t Watching’ by Mitchell Communications Group. I was on the panel with Mark McCrindle and Tim Flattery — two top notch experts. We spoke about the use of new and traditional media platforms; measuring engagement and the importance of innovation & risk; emotive, experiential marketing; how people of all ages are using lots of different media and so on. It was a great chat and I look forward to following up some talks.

Some of the projects we discussed:

The documentary is available for free online, along with other extra research tidbits. I’m in the documentary, sprouting stuff…but I kept some of my main research findings for the launch this morning. Please note that the doco is aimed at clients that are really unaware of many changes…so if the ideas seem obvious to you that is why!

Picture: photo of Mark McCrindle and I.

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