Site Updates & launch of podcast

Hello! Hope you’re good.

I’ve added a few items:

  • A link to the audio and transcript for a casual (but invited) talk I gave at the Web Standards Group. See the ‘Thinking Outside the Web’ talk in the industry presentations section.
  • I have a short essay, ‘A Quick Primer on Alternate Realities’, that has been published in Friedrich von Borries, Steffen P. Walz and Matthias Bottger (Eds) book: Space Time Play: Synergies between Computer Games, Architecture and Urbansim. The book is now available to buy, and includes an amazing collection of game theorists:

And, I’m sad to say that I’ve powered down my blog. I need to concentrate on my PhD. But will be online a little bit…as I’m thrilled to report, I’ve launched a podcast: I’ll be interviewing expert practitioners in the area of cross/trans/multi-platform/media. The first interview is up, it is with Evan Jones. Check it out!