My News has my number

I was quite surprised to find this! I have a profile at It is for a TV show that I played a very small role in (I had one line if I recall). I used to perform in a lot of theatre (mainly comedy) and did a few TV commercials and TV shows, but…

added feed details

Since I'll be posting links to articles as they are published, I thought I'd make the notification method easier by creating a feed. You can subscribe with the button in the top left of the sidebar or use this direct feed address: :)

Site Updates & launch of podcast

Hello! Hope you're good. I've added a few items: A link to the audio and transcript for a casual (but invited) talk I gave at the Web Standards Group. See the 'Thinking Outside the Web' talk in the industry presentations section. I have a short essay, ‘A Quick Primer on Alternate Realities’, that has been…
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