[updating – more coming from the archives]


  • 7.30 Report, ABC TV – ‘Virtual Realities Lived Out Online’, Scott Bevan, 2006, 29th Dec. [Text Transcript]

Podcasts + Radio

  • 4ZZZ – Exit Stage Zed – “West End Festival – Extended Experiences Lab“, Charnstar Anderson & Christy Dena interviewed by Domenico Natoli and Scott Mercer, 16th June, 2018
  • ABCBig Ideas, Radio NationalRobots that look like us“, Dr Hussein Abbass, Dr Christy Dena, Dr Anita Pisch, Dr Robert Sparrow, Scott Stephens (ABC), Cathy Van Extel (ABC), 8th May, 2018
  • DICE Hard – “Magic Mike XXL“, 8th Feb, 2018 (we do a live boardgame adaptation of the movie Magic Mike XXL)

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