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00:00 Introduction to Story Hack & Mickey from Olga Nowicka
04:58 Mickey Kumatpi Marrutya O’Brien “Welcome to Country” & Guest Talk
22:12 Introduction to Christy from Olga Nowicka
23:00 Christy Dena keynote “A Pen, A Keyboard, a Song, and a Sandbox Walk into a Writers’ Room”
56:53 Q&A/”Ask We Anything”


A little bonus here: At the beginning of this talk I ask a question, in which people respond in the chat. Here are some of the responses from the chat log! “Miniature Plastic beach shovel, my children, little laughing Buddha for you all!, Fresh flowers, Nailpolish – lilac, sharpie, ceramic piccolo cup, a cupcake made by my daughter, fine liner pen, Shungite rock, a little vase with holders for three stems, Leather bound book with celtic artwork, Pencil, I have a Rainbow Care Bear, A mini sausage dog, mattress, Shell, Green smoothie, planet, tea cup with strawberries, candle, Bottle of water, A cup of coffee, kitty, a branch of flowering gum…”

  • Leeds Beckett University – “Our Projects, the Personal, and the Planet,” INSIDE/OUT Lecture Series, UK, 11th March, 2020. [Video coming soon] This talk is about the ways in which creative practice is personal, and how narrative design is based on resistance to change rather than valuing change.
  • Sweden Games Conference – “Worldbuilding Our World,” June, 2018, Sweden. [Speech & Slides here] [Slides @ SlideShare] This talk is about the ways in which our creative projects socially shape our reality.

  • 7.30 Report, ABC TV – ‘Virtual Realities Lived Out Online’, Scott Bevan, 2006, 29th Dec. [Text Transcript]

Podcasts + Radio

  • 4ZZZ – Exit Stage Zed – “West End Festival – Extended Experiences Lab“, Charnstar Anderson & Christy Dena interviewed by Domenico Natoli and Scott Mercer, 16th June, 2018
  • ABCBig Ideas, Radio NationalRobots that look like us“, Dr Hussein Abbass, Dr Christy Dena, Dr Anita Pisch, Dr Robert Sparrow, Scott Stephens (ABC), Cathy Van Extel (ABC), 8th May, 2018
  • DICE Hard – “Magic Mike XXL“, 8th Feb, 2018 (we do a live boardgame adaptation of the movie Magic Mike XXL)

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