“there are two different ways to introduce humor into a game”…

Nodding…I look forward to releasing DIY SPY and describing the comedy design in that.

“I think there are two different ways to introduce humor into a game. The easiest is with component-based humor, like funny names on cards, or cute flavor text.  Munchkin is based on this type of humor, and I’m sure you can think of many others. The problem with this type of humor is that it can get unfunny very quickly, as you see the same card for the tenth time.  That’s why these games need lots of expansions, to keep the humor fresh.  Fortunately for game companies, this can also lead to lots of cash as players keep buying them, but that’s a separate topic. The second type of humor is to create a situation where the players and game systems create the humor. That’s a lot harder to do, but ultimately is more sustainable.” Geoff Engelstein

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