Cross Media NYC

Looks like a great event coming up in NYC on March 10th: Cross Media NYC. It includes a great bunch of speakers (including Jeff Gomez). Here is the description:

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the different media sectors in order share information and find new opportunities. We want the gaming people to meet the TV people, the publishing people to meet the web video people, and everyone to meet the advertising people but let’s be honest, in the end, it’s all about the money.

The media industry has grown up with regulation and significant barriers to entry. The internet has eliminated many of those barriers by giving the general public tools to create their own content and, as a result, radically changing media business models. Now what?

This is not your ordinary listen-to-talking-heads gabfest. We will have one jam packed panel with 5 executives from key sectors that will act as the bridge between 4 technology demos and 2 cross media case studies. The event will move quickly – New York style – with company introductions from the floor allowing everyone to know who is there and what they do. We want something big to come out of this.

The event will focus on:

1. Demonstrations of new cross media technologies.
2. Case studies of successful cross media projects.
3. Networking opportunities between industry sectors.
4. Emerging cross media business models.
5. Discussions about how large media companies are melting the silos internally.

Key questions:

1. What do executives in the media business need to know in order profit from the “melting silos”?
2. What opportunities are there to work with other sectors?
3. Who has done this successfully in the past?

Key industry sectors appearing at the event:

* Video (Web video, TV, Film, DVD)
* Internet (Websites, Podcasts, Social Media, Marketing, Music, Email)
* Gaming (Social Gaming, Console)
* Publishing (Magazine, Books)
* Mobile (Apps)
* Advertising
* Merchandise

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