Ep 8: Wrinkles Rock!

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  • Soula (50 next month) and I have just laughed and smiled, chuckled and cried through your latest monologue. Theere are many wonderful benefits to being older. Right now, for me, it is being able to watch you (my daughter) speaking from the heart with a crystal clear mind and playing a gorgeous video to delight us.

    After watching Obama’s speech and your last Utube of people dancing and singing’Give Peace a Chance’ – then watching yours… there IS Hope.
    A teary Thank You. Blessings always.

  • great list! I think I get taken more seriously now that I’m older – particularly at work.
    life is so short – I’m taking more notice of this too especially this year. I think when I was younger I only looked forward or at ‘now’ whereas now I’m older I look ‘back’ more too.

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