Ep 6: One Thing

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  • When I turned 30 a great weight lifted from my shoulders. I had put a whole lot of expectations on myself and didn’t realise until that point. I felt I needed to complete a whole lot of things before the age of 30, but when I didn’t I realised there was plenty of time ahead of me.

    Unfortunately, my thesis remains unfinished. Keep going with yours!

  • You look really, really happy. Yay!

    It sounds like an epiphany that, for someone else, could be paralyzing; does having freedom over style and substance mean you lose the safety net of imposed and enforced structure?

    Work that trapeze. Amaze your audience. The harness and net are for pussies.

  • @Gavin: yeah, I really like those moments when you realise the expectations we put on ourselves are unnecessary. But yes, the thesis — I’m going to do it!

    @Leslie Yeah mate, I’ve been struggling with this issue for a while. I’m happy. “harness and net are for pussies” — lol.


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