Ep 1: Hello World!

Here is my first personal vlog. I wasn’t going to post this one as I am soooo slow in it. It is the day after I had flown back from London, after a trip to Seattle via Australia! But, I thought I better have an explanatory video. I didn’t say it in the video, but I was inspired by my chats with Kevin Marks whilst in Seattle and with Arin Crumley whilst in London. I’m sure they won’t like being blamed for this, but both were part of my decision to do this.

Ep 1: Hello World & Schema Bags from christydena on Vimeo.

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  • self investment at the price of social self expression – thank you for this – i’ve been struggling with exactly the same temporary identity issue – so great to hear this vocalized in such a systematic way.

  • Wow, really. It is so good to hear I’m not alone with these experiences. And I’m glad my revealing it helped you too. 🙂

  • forks + pulses, here.

    when u begin 2 describe ur reaction 2 the two-tone bag + how it’s indicative of certain str[uts]ains>thought processes>constructs u’ve de[n]veloped during thesis time, i thought u were going 2 launch elsewhere…namely, 2wards a desire 4 reorientation of ur need to match outfits in terms of established pre-patterned schemas [ie matching implying an adherence 2 pre-set fashion/design standards?]. which leads me 2 ur idea of “thrift[iness]”…the 1st association that jumps out from my perceptually-filtered version of _Christy Dena_ [:)] is techne. u mention a laptop + flying back from london; in my [often whack-job-mezangelled] sphere these 2 mentions indicate a certain amount of privilege + resource-allocation away from bar[aw]e subs[ex]istence. it’s interesting how notions of wealth/monetary values/ shift according 2 circumstance, context, and experience.

    looking 4ward 2 observing [+ commenting_on;)] the various psychological/internal_screens in motion during these casts, christy. this type of reveal/unravel has wunder.full potentiality:)


  • I’ve been christened with mezangelle!! 🙂

    I completely understand that you think flying internationally with a laptop reeks of priviledge…but all is not as it seems. It is absolutely wonderful what I do, and what I have the opportunity to do. But don’t assume for one second that these items and events are bundled together with a whole *priviledge package*. That is not the case…and is part of the difficulty I find in keeping multiple realities together.

  • ehehhe *having visions of crystalline_traced_drops flinging ova arcane marble inscribed with meta_christy-[goo]D-ness*;)

    + i didn’t mean 2 indicate that ur laptop/travel situate[s]d u in a top privilege_bubble; more 2 push out there the question of just how elastic r notions of “wealth”/consumption/experientiality?

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