Ep 2: Community of Spirit

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  • Great initiative !
    I’ve bookmarked your vlog, and as soon as my blog and website is ready, I’ll share the link with my contact.

    Really liked vlog #2. I’m working on a « secret » project (produced for and by myself) that I would like to pitch to a really wellknown movie director. Actually regarding a really wellknown story that will hit the screen in 2010.

    If you’d like, I can tell you more about it, because while listening to your second vlog video, I tought that you might be perfect to inpersonate one of the characters I’ll put online for this project. Inpersonate as in chatting with players, and other characters, to make the story live beyond the book that everyone already red, and beyond the interpretation that the movie will do about it.


  • Yes, of course, please do let me know as soon as you get your blog up and running. I’ll be in Toronto next month…perhaps if you’re nearby we can meet and talk everything ARGs. 🙂

  • Just tell me when you’ll be in Toronto.
    I’m not really « mobile » right now, but maybe a nice train trip could be great 🙂

    I’ll send you the link to our beta version / teaser for this project. You could tell me then what is your favorite character in the story.

    Great job with the Vlog 😉

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