An archive of my old LAMP ppts

A few years ago I was lucky to be invited by Gary Hayes to be a mentor for a new laboratory that was being developed by the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. Those were the heady days of the Laboratory of Advanced Media Production (LAMP), when this great range of mentors and participants (and onlooking VIPs) spent a week in some exotic location guiding traditional media practitioners into the great new horizon of new media. I was the cross-media person, which, in 2005, was not a common concept. It has only been in the last couple of years (with the help of Henry Jenkins’s book Convergence Culture) that aspects of the area have caught fire in the mainstream). So over those first few LAMPs my talks were ever changing — adopting whatever terminology and approaches seemed to explain the concept best to those new to the area. Well, now you can have a look at those ppts, as some of them are online at SlideShare, and here! OMG!

I don’t usually put my ppts online because I don’t put all my points on the slides — they’re background or complementary material (unless the ppt is designed for online viewing only, like this recent one I did). I’ve also not been keen to show these old slides because they look ugly, they were created for particular audiences a long time ago, and they’re not representative of the information I give out now. But, there are nevertheless some gems in there. So, when AFTRS’ LAMP put my slides online, I chose to set them free. They’re old, they’re only a portion of the talks I’ve done for LAMP, indeed AFTRS (check out the full listing of my presentations), but they’re here! I’ve added links to the podcasts as well. (*cringe*) Anyway, enjoy!



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