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[youtube qdUC1tSUtT8]

Now this looks interesting. Check out Bryan’s post and this and if you want, delve into the Unfiction gameplay.

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  • I tried getting into this one a little while ago, since the aesthetic is so compelling, but man the pace is overwhelming. There are changes in the content on a near daily basis — and there is so much content that’s constantly changing, distributed across webpages, youtube videos, myspace communication, phone, etc. Definitely a great example of cross-media art, but not terribly accessible. And this is well before the alleged launch date of November 11 — yikes.

  • Dang. I wonder why they did that? The only thing I can think of is that they are trying to provoke buzz…but at the same time they’re defining the game as being very niche (that is: only those with the time can play it!).

  • Actually, this has slowed down a bit. And we have been told by the deck that lot of the information now is unimportant….. That until 11/11 we are just to enjoy the ride and embrace the chaos. You can catch up here: [url= uF forum] or contact one of us on MS. The cards are happy to chat and answer questions, but be prepared for unexpected answers. 2C has been silenced for now. It has been a wild ride so far.

  • The IG characters have frequently said that this is all simply hysteria for now and that the slate will be wiped clean for a new beginning on 11/11. Apparently it will start out slowly and simply. So simply, as a matter of fact, that one of the characters (the 2 of clubs) told me that some of the higher ups (the aces) are worried about people not feeling challenged enough in the beginning. But with 52 cards coming out over 52 weeks, and each card extending through various mediums, it should pick up the pace before long.

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