Ep 002: Evan Jones interview

Evan Jones of Stitch Media is the first guest on this podcast. Evan has a grand background, present and future in all things to do with contemporary entertainment. He used to be the Creative Director at Xenophile Media, where he worked on acclaimed projects such as the ReGenesis Extended Reality Games. In this podcast he”ll talk about artificial intelligence, alternate reality games, communities, his not-so-secret past and we”ll reveal some secret future projects.

Here are links to items we touch on during the interview:

Bonus Level!
Stitch Media has launched the online component of Survivorman and here is a sneak preview of the interactive component created by Stitch Media for CBC”s upcoming TV show ”The Border”:

Any questions for Evan? Let me know and I”ll ask him and you”ll have the answers in the next podcast…

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