“10 Books That Began Your Journey Down the Rabbit-Hole”

“Cadeveo” has posted about “10 Books That Began Your Journey Down the Rabbit-Hole”:

This one’s for all of the others who reside in any of the hundreds or thousands of disreputable parallel worlds that our more “reasonable,” brethren and sister-en refer to as the domain of those “tin-foil hat types.” For the uninitiated, I’ll clue you in. No one actually wears those tin foil hats, not even the supposed tin-foil hat types. [CD: Hasn’t heard of Who is Benjamin Stove? or Sammeeeees obviously]

[…] What are the ten books that first initiated your journey down the rabbit-hole? Maybe they were the books that sparked your search for the truth about JFK or some other world event, about yourself or about that whole elusive thing called Reality. Perhaps these are the ten books that got you questioning all the received truths fed to you in school, by the media and by the well-meaning and equally deluded folks around you. Or maybe these are the ten books that brought you to that jaw-drop moment. You know, the moment when where your tiny bubble of consciousness exclaimed to itself, to everything and nothing: “Wow…reality is sloppy, messy, poetic, fun, crazy and,generally, a million times more maddening, frightening, beautiful, love-filled and awe-inspiring than the very boring version I’ve been led to believe in!…And I’m part of it!”

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