Possibilities of “transmedia” storytelling

I always like to see ideas people come up with, particularly writers, when they first stumble across the notion of “transmedia storytelling”. Here is one nice one by “Kara” (I really wish bloggers would not conceal their identity — grrr):

What if Charles Dickens’ character of Estella was not someone you met when you first read Great Expectations, but someone you knew from a social networking website such as Myspace or Facebook? In the simplest of terms, readers would be closer to the character if they have been exposed to them before. The narrative could then evolve to the point where readers felt as if they were reading about someone they know. Traditionally, readers come to know and relate to characters as the narrative unfolds. In the digital age, we want information and we want it fast. This old process may loose some readers simply because they don’t relate to a character soon enough. If the reader doesn’t relate to a character, then they may not care what happens to that character and lose interest.

Check out her post (if it is a her).

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