I’m off to Perth: DAC & FTI

Tomorrow I’ll flying to Perth:

Perth DAC: The Future of Digital Media Culture:

The Future of Digital Media Culture
In the early 1990s, the very term digital was new and novel. However, it has taken only fifteen years for e-mail, the Internet, mobile phones, the power of searchable databases, games, film and TV special effects and workplace software tools to become a common and essential part of modern life. Research has not only described the arrival of these new forms, but is increasingly addressing the unexpected social and cultural uses of digital communications and virtual work/play environments.

In the same historically brief time, popular attention has turned to the potentials and problems of the newer new technologies, bio and nano. In addition, the global phenomenon of terrorism, super-epidemics and climate change have developed from distant concerns to everyday realities. Thus the context for digitally mediated processes is also very different.

perthDAC 2007 will explore the complex interaction of human behaviour and new technologies that will be The Future of Digital Media Culture.

I’ll be presenting a paper in which I argue that the future of digital media doesn’t just include digital media.

On Monday 17th, I’ll be presenting on Filmmaking in the Age of Cross-Media Production for the Film and TV Institute.

I look foward to seeing some colleagues and family I haven’t seen in a while, and meeting people for the first time.

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  • hi Christy,
    that sounds great and your statement that “the future of digital media doesn’t just include digital media” is very interesting as well!
    I’ve just started teaching at the Reinwardt Academy in Amsterdam, Netherlands (yess I know Indira and Monique and Peter Luit; the Netherlands are a small country indeed). It’s just a minor about “e-culture and cultural heritage communication”. I would like to change the word e-culture for ‘new media’ ‘crossmedia’, ‘transmedia’ or ‘digital media culture’. Because nobody seems to know what e-culture means (me neither).
    So please keep me informed about this future.

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