Update on Mobile Phone Content

My old list of mobile phone content has been getting some attention of late. At the time when I wrote it there were not many sites that featured mobile phone content (particularly creative stuff). More recently, however, there has been a growing interest in the area. Here are some links (some old, some new) you may find interesting:

A blog about the role mobile technologies play in cross-media. Some great examples of technologies that get networked and non-networked media communicating. There are some great video examples of QR codes etc being used in entertainment and gaming.

Vassilen Iotzov’s research for a diploma thesis at the Berlin University about the emergence of mobile TV aesthetics (mainly german-speaking). Once again, lots of great info and videos for those of us who don’t speak German. Iotzov also emailed me some great additions to my mobile content round-up, which I’ve now added.

Dean Keep’s research blog for his Masters at RMIT on micro-narratives.

This is a fantastic listing of projects covering mobile art and research.

Emily Turrettini’s sites are always a great resource of information about the industry and creative projects

Oh, and here is a great guide I stumbled upon: DotMobi Mobile Web Developer’s Guide.

I’ve just read the proceedings to Gerard Goggin and Larissa Hjorth’s Mobile Media 2007 and there are some interesting papers. In particular I liked:

  • Hidden Meanings: Understanding the new social-psychological impact of mobile phone use through storytelling by Kathleen M. Cumiskey
  • From Mobile Phones to Mobile Media: Current developments in mobile phone-based cultural consumption by Juan Miguel Aguado and Inmaculada J. Martinez
  • Mobile Phones, Networked Selves, Media Ecologies by Marsha Berry
  • Games without Borders: Globalisation, gaming and mobility in Venezuela by Thomas H. Apperley
  • Domesticating New Media: a discussion on locating mobile media by Larissa Hjorth
  • Perspectives on mobiles and PCs: Attitudinal convergence and divergence among small businesses in urban India by Jonathan Donner

That’s it from me on this topic for now. Let me know of any other sites I’ve forgotten or don’t know about.

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