Some interesting papers on contemporary entertainment

The upcoming London conference, Television Studies Goes Digital, has a few interesting papers:

User-Generated Content/Producer-Generated Consumption: How Outsourcing, Crowd-sourcing, and Industrial Identity Theory Fuel Digital TV
John T. Caldwell, UCLA 

Dislocated Screens: The Place of Television in a Mobile Digital Culture
William Boddy, Baruch College, City University of New York

Joined up thinking for the digital age:  Little Kids TV in a multiplatform world
Jeanette Steemers and James Walters, Westminster University

The possibilities of a digital aesthetic
Dr. Karen Lury, University of Glasgow

The Long and the Short of Convergence Aesthetics
Max Dawson, Northwestern University

“The Days of Commissioning Programmes are over…”:  The BBC’s ‘Bundled Project’
Niki Strange, University of Sussex

From Viewer to Participant
Lizzie Jackson, BBC

Digital Television and audience research: a sociological approach to capturing ‘user flows’.
Helen Wood, De Montfort University

The number of papers that address the use of multiple media platforms rather than just ‘digital television’ attests to the inappropriateness of defining a media conference by a single media type. Television hasn’t just gone digital, it has gone to the web, mobile, books and so on.

Check it out:

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