DIMEA 2007: Emotional & Entertaining Design

The Second International Conference on Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment is being held in September in Perth. There will be a few great sessions but one of the keynotes looks fantastic: Professor Masa Inakage, Keio University, Japan.

Media Design Aesthetics: Emotional and Entertaining Experience Design for the Ubiquitous Society 

Our society is in the midst of paradigm shift from mass media-based society to personal media-based society, driven by the digital revolution. Mass media and communication media are converging to form massively connected personal and everywhere media. In the personal and everywhere media, the interaction of people, artifacts, and the environment contributes to the emotional and entertaining experience in the daily life. Thus, the experience design is the core activity of media design, and aesthetics is the key component in the media design formula. The talk touches various areas of media design through the lens of content design and supporting technology research drawing on the recent research projects at Keio University, including digital cinema, ubiquitous contents, and participatory communities.

I’ll be in Perth the week before for DAC, but will try and stay for this one.

Check out: www.dimea.org

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