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‘Factory Girl’ has started a blog about her research: ‘Game Across media: exploring cross media and play’. Here is some info from her blog birth post:

I am a creative individual who got a serious crush for interactive narrative some years ago and another crush, just as serious, for cross media communication around 2004. My background in films and anthropology (and a bit of new media too) unfortunately didn’t allow me to plunge into these for me new topics immediately, so, after abandoning my old fashioned PhD studies in Anthropology of Communications, I had to take some time to “upgrade”.

Through a lot of effort, heavy conference attendance, internet networking and many many readings (ah, those Amazon bills..) I managed to to feel somehow at ease with a topic that in any case until a couple of years ago didn’t feature in university courses.

Waiting to find an enlightened institution to sponsor my studies, I will post here the advancement of my solitary research, hoping that way it will be less solitary.

Check it out:

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  • Hello Christy, I was going to write you about it but you found it first- the blog is still a bit “green”, maybe in some months – Factory Girl is a production hub of games and playable products with a sympathy for women, the site will be on in a few days — thank you for keeping track of absolutely EVERYTHING!
    cheers Valentina

  • I didn’t realise it was you Valentina! To be honest, I’ve been watching the blog for a short while and wasn’t sure if I’d spoken with the author or not. Great to see you’re still passionate about the area and you’re focusing on a specialist area. Look forward to reading more.

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