Thursday’s Fictions: Theatre, Book, TV and Second Life

Last Sunday I presented at the Revelations Film Festival in Perth on Second Life art in the panel: ‘Second Life & Beyond: Virtual Communities and Making Media in a Digital World’.  During that presentation I mentioned a dance film, Thursday’s Fictions, that will be broadcast on the ABC this Sunday @ 3pm, which will be followed by a Q&A in Second Life and the opportunity to experience the Second Life version of the storyworld. This Sunday I’ll be moderating the Q&A panel @ ABC Island.

Thursdays Fiction film

The work, Thursday’s Fictions, began as a multimedia stage production in 1995 (which was also on radio), became a poetry book (which became the primary text in this multi-platform work), recently became a dance film and has just had a Second Life rendition created. I’ve been speaking to Richard James Allen for a while about the development of this project and his creative approach is quite interesting. Although each iteration is more an adaptation than a continuation of a narrative, it is interesting to see a project that was conceived to be expressed across a number of artistic forms from the beginning. I don’t know how much we’ll get to talk about this on Sunday, but for those interested you can join us inworld (at ABC Island Ampitheatre) at 3pm EST, watch it being streamed live or view it afterwards at

Second Life

Thursday’s Fictions in Second Life Credits:

Director: Richard James Allen
Writers/Producers: Richard James Allen and Karen Pearlman
Second Life Producer and Designer: Gary Hayes
Conceptual Artist: Kate E. Wills
Story Consultant: Jackie Turnure
A Physical TV Company Production
[and Tony Walsh was the guardian mentor of this project when it was developed at LAMP]

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