Some new blogs

Here are some new sites or sites that now have blogs that readers of this site may find interesting:

Well known serious game designer at Persuasive Games, co-editor of serious game site Water Cooler Games and ludologist Ian Bogost has started his own personal blog. Indeed, it is part of a full-blown personal site aggregating his writing, books, teaching etc. Good stuff.

I’ve mentioned alternate reality game designer Evan Jones’ site Stitch Media before. Previously, however, you could just signup for a mailing list. Now Evan has a blog where he comments on the latest happenings in the TV, alternate reality gaming, extended entertainment etc sectors.

We are John Hartley, Jean Burgess and John Banks, a research team working on an ARC-funded project called The Uses of Multimedia. The main purpose of that project is to explore the extent to which new media allow for wider participation in creative innovation, and thence in the growth of knowledge.


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