Cross-Media in Belgium: TV-Web Children’s Show

It is rare to see a project that actually has a flow of content moving from one platform to another. Usually, when people think cross-media or multi-platform they think in terms of distributing the same content to different platforms. Well, I stumbled on this great project a while ago and am impressed. KetnetKick is created by Larian Studios for VRT — a Belgium broadcaster. This is the second great project I’ve seen from VRT, the other being an ARG for a TV series (that I posted about here). Anyway, here is the description from Larian Studios, and then check out the great video. 

KetnetKick is VRT’s (the Belgian national broadcaster) creative community where kids enter a challenging 3D world that houses single player and multiplayer games, and “creative studios”.
The latter allow children to make all kinds of creations they can then send to their friends and family, but also to VRT.

VRT makes a daily selection of the creations and airs them in a dedicated show. The picks of the day get published back into the 3D world for all kids to marvel at.

This way, children can even continue working on creations made by other players, or even work on a creation provided by the broadcaster.

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I love the feedback loop between the web and TV. The presenter responds to the kids creations and then they respond to her and the moment that they created. Sure, that is most probably just the idealised marketing of the concept but it sums it up pretty nicely for me. That is what cross-media is about (well, one part of it!).

Larian Studios: 

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