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Not too long ago I posted about the Swarm of Angels project:

A groundbreaking project to create a £1 million film and give it away to over 1 million people using the Internet and a global community of members. By subscribing for £25 members become part of a revolutionary process to make an open source feature film.

Well, they’re measuring their progress with tasks completed and members gained. The second phase, early development, has just completed. In this phase:

Members of the First 1000 (all qualify who’ve joined before this deadline) will then be able to introduce members by limited invite-only until we open to the public later in Phase 3.

They’ve also released a trailer.


News from the workbook project is that a couple of filmmakers — Arin Crumley and Susan Buice – have an unusual system too. They’ve made a feature film ,called Four Eyed Monsters, from credit card finance. That isn’t new. What is new is:

  • They’ve put their feature film online on YouTube to view for free for 1 week:
  • Spout, a movie community site, will give Arin & Susan 1 dollar for everyone who joins spout (which is free):
  • You can buy the DVDs and super high quality downloads at: (I like their bundling)

[youtube k8rRFFi_stY]

Check out:

Check out:

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