Angela Thomas on Pleasure, Play, Participation and Promise in Virtual Worlds

SL and RL colleague Angela Thomas — who was on TV with me last year (see the 7.30 Report link in my press page), edits the Slate Night magazine I write for and is at the same university as me! — was flown to the US recently to deliver a talk on ‘Pleasure, Play, Participation and Promise: socio-emotional dimensions of digital culture which are transforming the shape of new media literacies’ for the New Media Consortium. It is a great talk, jam-packed with info about what youth are doing in worlds, how they are playing with their identity and so on. I’ll be posting about the Zimmers until in my next post, but first enjoy Angela’s presentation as the audio and ppt are online at the New Media Consortium, and check out her site if you don’t already know about it. 🙂

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