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Thinking Blogger AwardChris Joseph, Digital Writer in Residence at De Montfort University, has awarded me (and 4 others) the Thinking Blogger Award for being a blog that gets him thinking. Thankyou so much Chris, I feel quite ace.

The Thinking Blogger Award is a blog meme that was started by Ilker Yoldas. Details about his great idea are on his blog, The Thinking Blog. 

Here are 5 Blogs that Make me Think:

  • Brad Beren’s Mediavorous: I have only just discovered Brad’s blog but he discusses a topic that is part of my research (and therefore passion): a cognitive approach to culture, community, marketing, new media.
  • Bryan Alexander’s Infocult: I just love Bryan’s unending and wonderfully well informed and considered posts about information, culture, education and much more.
  • Christopher Penn’s personal blog: Christopher takes such care with his posts, and provides lovely insights and solutions to life. He makes me think about doing life better.
  • Corvus Elrod’s Man Bytes Blog: I don’t always agree with Corvus’ views but I just love the continual discussion about the building blocks of story and game. Yummy!
  • Jak Boumans’s Buziaulane: Jak has been working with content and industry in all forms for a very long time. He is very generous and insightful with his posts.
  • Steven D Levitt’s & Stephen J Dubner’s Freakonomics: After reading their great book, it is so good to have their flawless analysis, quirky views and refreshing nature on tap.
  • Jason Mittell’s Just TV: I love the way Jason generously shares his top-notch research into television.

Oh, and if I got my numbers mixed up. I can’t count. 😉

4 Replies

  • I love your blog, which makes me think and take action in Chinese market. Thank you.

  • Hello Iris,

    Thankyou for the comment, I really appreciate it. And if you ever feel it is appropriate, please let me know about your efforts in the Chinese market.

  • Hi Christy,

    you are welcome! I’m enjoying following all your blog links here too… had read Freakonomics but never thought to look for a related blog – brilliant.

  • Hello, Christy,

    Sorry for the late response. In Chinese market, the media industry already realized the importance of cross-media application, but few know how. Most time TV people just use internet as a marketing tool, while IT industry just explores the c2c model and hard to cooperate with the TV broadcasters to produce the high quality video together. What I am trying to do is to design the cross-media project at the beginning phase of planning and produce the special content for each medium. My last position is the chief editor of Variety China, which leads me to know a lot of entertainment industry high level executives. And this cross-media relationship makes it possible to integrate these different platform operators into the project. Even that, it takes time and energy to negotiate.

    I will keep you posted on the project progress.

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