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Emily Turrenttini, the powerhouse behind two blogs on mobile phone technology and content: picturephoning and ringtonia (and textually which aggregates the other two). Emily has now added a blog dedicated to reporting on TV on the Net: 

TvSeries Online will be following user generated TV content published online, it’s impact on the Television industry and will explore the new generation of TV series as a writing genre, focusing on their impact on US society and international.

Her reasons for starting the blog:

Because I think it’s huge already (I know so many people who no longer watch TV series on television, but over the Internet – I’m one of them), I’m opening a new blog called TVSeries Online.

It will follow how TV content published online is impacting the Television industry and how the industry is fighting back. It will explore the new generation of TV series as a writing genre, realistic and fast paced – truly a new art form. [ 24′, Weeds, Desperate Housewives, Prison Break, Lost, Heroes, nip/tuck, Dr House, Dexter, CSI:, Grey’s Anatomy, the 1400, Veronica Mars, Scrubs, The OC, Smallville, The Shield… ]

But also, the crossing of moral bounderies each new season. I’m going to try and pull together research and studies on what this says about our society and how it’s perceived around the world.

Hmmm, I guess her next blog will be one that looks at the relationship between TV on the web, TV on TV and TV on mobiles… 

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