My Talk on ARGs @ Game_On next week

The Brisband chapter of the IGDA have invited me to give a talk and workshop next week in Queensland:


talk and workshop- tues 5 june, 5-7pm @ KGUV Community Hub, Carraway St, Kelvin Grove

‘Alternate Reality Games: Multi-Platform & Multi-World Design’

In this talk Christy Dena will provide an overview of the pervasive gaming genre of ‘alternate reality games’. These games use multiple platforms, have a high degree of narrative and gameplay and an immersive aesthetic that works towards being as indistinguishable from reality as possible.

They are commissioned by major corporations, created by independents and employed in education and training. After an overview of the various techniques used, the session will move into a workshop where an ARG schema will be created in 1 hour.

more information, future events and live links:

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