Telecommunications Research Portal:

Jak Bouman told me about this research resource developed by Australian Paul Budde when I was in Sweden! Here is a bit from his bio:

He specialises in the strategic planning of interactive services such as video media, Internet, multimedia and intelligent and value-added networks based on telecommunications, broadband and satellite networks. His particular expertise lies in identifying how these new media can be used by organisations to enhance their competitive edge in the market, and how they can be applied in mass markets.

I also just missed out on participating in the broadband study and trade mission to The Netherlands.

In March 2007 I organised a broadband study and trade mission to The Netherlands. The Australian Minister for Communications, Helen Coonan, participated (via video), as did three other executives from her Department (DCITA). A total of 15 Australian and New Zealand delegates took part in the mission as well as 50 people on the Dutch side. The mission included trips to the various centres where FttH and digital media activities are most active, as well as an Australia-New Zealand Roundtable with the Dutch delegation. In addition to The Netherlands events, I also visited the United Kingdom and Sweden.

Full reports of the event are available for free:

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